Little Writing Tip 1


Let’s talk about it.

Someone once wrote, “What does IT refer to here?” on a MS of mine. This has been seriously bugging me ever since. What the heck did IT refer to in that sentence?

When we speak, we start all kinds of sentences with IT without leading them in properly.

So, naturally when we write – we do the same thing.

“I looked at the fence. It was very tall.” OK. IT refers to the fence.

“It was all I could do not to climb that fence, tall as it was.” Not OK. The IT here has no meaning. (the first it, not the second one.)

I’d say check your MS over for this oddity. What I did on my latest was a search for . It   (that’s period, space, It, space) That showed me each time I’d started a sentence with IT. Most of them needed to be reworded and replaced because IT referred to nothing!


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One Response to Little Writing Tip 1

  1. The last time I had a piece critiqued, the word “it” was circled so many times I thought the pages were bleeding. I still use that forbidden word a lot, but I’m much more conscious of how many times “it” shows up in a paragraph or a page.

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