The Five Hour Entry

I was supposed to go on a trip to Maine this weekend.
All week I’d planned to take Friday off – my first day off in nine months. I bought an iPhone so I could take and receive calls from the road, as well as e-mails.

Then something went wrong.

Thursday night there was this storm, see, and a tree fell on my personal power lines. Power and cable went out, but the indomitable phone kept working.

No matter, I had warned everyone I was to be out, no problem, right? It would be a relaxing day waiting for the power company, right? (Note, I’m not driving myself and my family to Maine.)

I had one entry come in in the morning. A Canadian entry – not normally the most difficult thing in the world. Well, this one, while not difficult, was the most complex yet. So, struggling with my 0-1 bars on my phone, I made the entry – which took FOUR hours to complete.

So now it’s 1pm and I can finally relax. For the next three hours I fart around the house, even start putting together that new grill I bought with plans to cook out that night. (No power company yet, but they were mad busy all over town.)

4:00PM I receive a call that “the shipment” has gone on exam. Back to the iPhone and 75 minutes later I’ve got the entry updated (Basically have to retype it) and cleared and the driver crossed the border.

Conclusion: Five of my eight work hours on my first day off in nine months were spent working.

So, how did you spend your last day off?


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