My $300 coffee pot

I wake up early to write. Earlier now even than when I bought my Keurig coffee maker. I had been using the old fashioned dripper and I would make two cups worth, every other day. Drink one, save the other to microwave the following day. It made waking up a bore.

Enter the $100 coffee pot.

I agree, that’s a bit much to pay for a coffee maker, considering they can be as cheap as $20. But I was tired of crappy coffee and wanted a solid, if somewhat insignificant excuse to drag myself out of bed each morning.

Enter the high mineral content of my water.

Many a humidifier have succumbed to the encrusting minerals of my mountain well water. I replace them year after year. So, in my efforts to extend the longevity of my expensive coffee pot, I decided to buy distilled water for it. This plan is brilliant.

Fast forward three years.

My $100 coffee pot is still going strong. There’s no sign of wear or tear or barnacles. However, recently I performed a calculation in my head. Between myself and guests and parties, I’ve probably purchased around 200 gallons of distilled water. If you average each gallon at one dollar, I have spent $200 in water in order to preserve my $100 coffee pot.

Needless to say, I’ve stopped buying distilled water. It was a momentous facepalm epiphany I had a few weeks back. Now I figure, if the damn thing breaks, I’ll just buy a new one — at one third the cost of my current one.


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