I like me, who do you like?

I am an ego-maniacal, self-centered tool. On my wall, next to my computer, is a picture of ME. (I’m not joking.) I love the sound of my own voice. When flipping through a handful of pictures, I only get truly excited when I’m in one and I check to make sure the face I made was funny. I used to make short films… I was in all of them*. And lastly, I love reading what I’ve written. Fiction, non-fiction, even this very post.

Now, the caveats. (What the hell is a cave eat?) I don’t interrupt, I wait until it’s my turn to speak. I don’t crowd conversations, i.e. I’m not a bore. I’m not obnoxious in any setting… I just happen to like talking when invited to do so.

I do comment verbally regarding the coolness of the other folks in pictures. (I’ve read How to Win Friends and Influence People like a dozen times, so I know how to behave.) I just can’t help but feel a tiny buzz of awesome when that pic of me making that nifty expression flips by.

My words, like my filming, are not showcases for the greatness that is me, I don’t believe that everything I write is publishable and why don’t you like it, damn it? You must be mistaken… I’m always striving to improve and can see my own work critically. I just dig reading it – over and over again.

So I ask you, regarding me – is this a good thing or a bad thing? (about the writing, not the picture on my wall) Should I be self-obsessed with my own words? Does this make me a better writer overall? Or am I just too into self-love?

Legitimate question: Do you read your own words with a grin on your face? Perhaps you write them and move on to something else. Maybe you re-read them and pound your fist on paper because they just aren’t coming out right. Do you behave as some actors who can’t stand to watch their own movies because all they see are their mistakes, or what they could have done differently?

I am curious, and would genuinely like to know how you all feel about your own stuff after it’s written. At what point do you like your work? 1st draft, final draft, ever?

So, there it is.

p.s. just so you don’t hate me and be like, “man, I thought that Axeminister dude was kinda cool – until now” the first part of this long blog was meant to be funny, (although, sadly, completely factual) but the questions posed at the end are for real.


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4 Responses to I like me, who do you like?

  1. I do. It’s funny, but I am my number 1 fan! (Well, I’m my only fan.)

  2. Rilan says:

    There are days I love my writing, there are days I hate it. There are pieces of my writing I like more than others. But I reread my own words, over and over and over again. (and constantly tweak them, except on days I hate my writing, because then I’d pull out the cleaver, and that’s never a good thing)

    But I do not keep a picture of myself next to my monitor. That’d just keep me in constant state of being creeped out.

    In other news, what you’re doing must be working — congrats on being a WotF finalist!! (at least, I assume the Dustin Adams on there is you =)

    Rilan (aka Irina on the Steakley forum)

  3. Terry says:

    Laughter. At the last comment. And at the post.

    I don’t see a problem with admiring your own stuff. Take artists, for example. I don’t know how they can bear to have someone else own their art. If I do something good, I want to keep it. So this is what I figure. When you’re good enough that you don’t obsess over everything you do (and I’m talking about myself, too), then you’ve probably sold some stuff professionally. You’ve made it.

    There are some days I love my writing, too – then I see it again in about a month and think — I should change this, I should change that…

  4. Gretchen Stone says:

    Yep, I like my own stuff, too. I pub’d a book in 07 and recently gave a copy to a friend for her b’day. I re-read it and though, Damn, that’s better than I remember it. Can’t believe it only sold 500 copies.
    Your honesty is refreshing…Of course we all look for ourselves in photos!

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