From around 5am to 5pm, with a heavy concentration between 9am and 5pm, I fight.

Sometimes I do well, and my inbox e-mails get down to around 75. 75 is my personal 0. But most times it swells over a hundred and into the buck and a quarter range.

For each e-mail I answer, I receive a reply. During my typing of this, I will receive one or two. (just got 4. Not joking.)

Perhaps the # in my inbox isn’t impressive, but take a look in my sent box. It’s scary. I’m a fast typist, but an even faster worker ant. I process and process and process – then I reply and reply and reply.

However, I’m not sweating in construction under the hot Florida sun… So, I’m off to answer those four e-mails – so I can get four more.


About dustinadams

I write the wrongs.
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