Finalist – Writers of the Future – 3Q 2011

For five weeks, I was a finalist.
It could be argued that I still am. Or that is a title I can carry forth, adding to cover letters as I wish. I even have a certificate stating that I am a finalist.
But 3Q 2011 has passed.
I’m now an entrant, just like everyone else.

As of today, there’s still a slim hope my tale will see publication. Joni, the contest organizer, informed me the story is being withheld for possible inclusion. This would be more than awesome, but I’m not going to count on it. What I’ll do is get back to writing the next story. I’ll write the best story I can. I’ll try to make it just a little better than the one which garnered my finalist nod.

In fact, as of this morning, I’ve finished the first draft on my next entry, for 1Q 2012.
Now begins the long process of editing and polishing.

Of course, this is all dependent upon my first reader liking the story.
She’s my barometer.
She’ll know if it’s a story to carry forward, or to park and start a new one.
I’m anxious to hear the verdict.

Meanwhile, I once again have a few minutes for extra stuff.
Like blogging.


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I write the wrongs.
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One Response to Finalist – Writers of the Future – 3Q 2011

  1. Jim Brennan says:

    That you carried on with your next story, and to make it better, is the trait of a published author. The magical time comes when you love the story, makes you laugh, it makes you cry, or you just stop and smile. Good luck!

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