Age, the leading cause of death.

Age: A blog honoring my published story regarding the cure for aging:

I recently read that one hundred, eleven (111) year old Bernardo LaPallo visited the new Yankee Stadium. (Around a hundred years removed from visit to Hilltop Park, the Yank… I mean the Highlanders first park.)

I expected to see a shriveled, shell of a man in a wheelchair. Instead, he stood upright, dressed in a snazzy suit, and shook hands with Derek Jeter and Joe Girardi.

I can’t help but wonder why some people live so dang long, while others wither and die in their fifties. Case in point, my grandfather.

I never knew him other than a sickly, old man. He passed when I was 11. He was 59.

Recently, I was looking at an old photo album of my father’s. I found a picture of my grandfather in his early 40’s, before I was born. He looked OLD. My father commented that he was “always old.”

Mr LaPallo is 111.

So what is it? Modern medicine? Constitution? Genetics? Luck?

In general, we’re all living longer, (Average life expectancy varies by country, Japan leads the way.) but 111? Seriously?

The article says there are several hundred known super-contrarians. Those over 110.

Where will I fall on the spectrum? I have my grandfather’s genes, (And his southpaw.) but I’m not “old” at 40. That’s a good sign. But there are diseases out there that don’t care hold old we are. If they get in, they stay, and the average takes a dip.


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3 Responses to Age, the leading cause of death.

  1. jrfrontera says:

    I had to hunt you down via Google to leave you a comment on your story Curing Day because I LOVED it very, very much!! Brilliant, wonderful, insightful, haunting… all of my favorite things! 🙂 I also loved very much your author bio. Lol. Added you to my follows, can’t wait to tag along on your blog… AND I can’t believe your goal of 10k words a month for an entire year, AMAZING!!! I thought I was doing well with my own monthly goals (actually by my standards I am) but WOW, thanks for raising that bar! I shall have to keep that in mind for myself some day… not at the moment, but someday. 😉 Thanks for the great story!

  2. dustinadams says:

    Thanks, jr, I’m honored you hunted me down. 🙂
    10k a month has indeed been a challenge, but after floundering around with no accountability for like all of 2012 I decided to put the hammer down.
    10k is 333 words a day. That’s around a page and a half. I keep track with a few others over on the Hatrack River writers forum. You’re welcome to join us. Perhaps someday is closer than you think.

    • jrfrontera says:

      Wow, so what you said about your 2012 has been the story of my life for about oh, 16 years!!!! O_o I finally decided to put the hammer down last November 2012 when I did NaNoWriMo for the first time, and actually made it to 50k! It was rough, but a really good way to get things done, especially for me who tends to dawdle and procrastinate for oh, about 16 years!! Lol. Lately I’ve taken to setting a goal of 200/day, which is actually really close to your 333!! And that realization made me kind of feel a lot better about myself, haha. I guess I didn’t realize that last month I wrote about 8600 words, which is not too far off of 10k… wow!!! Holy crap, it’s pretty impressive if you look at it that way! I’ve been doing 200/day really well (not this month so far though… editing for other people a lot this month :P), so maybe I should just step it up to 333/day! That’s feasible, right? You’re doing it! And CONGRATS on that! And the Hatrack River writers’ forum, huh? I’ll have to check that out! I am always on the look out for fellow writers to chat and write with! Thanks so much for the reply, and I look forward to reading more from you!

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