Career – to date – submission stats

OK, so I’ve given you my mid-year stats, but how about career?

Recently, I reached the milestone of my 50th submission, so I thought I’d share some more stats.

Submission 1. Writers of the Future contest. March 20, 2010. Result – Honorable Mention. (Still a rejection, but a nice one.)
Submission 15. March 5, 2012. A flash fiction story sent to Fiction365. My first acceptance!
Submission 50. Sept 6, 2013. IGMS. Oddly enough, a rework/rewrite of my first submission.

Rejections: 39
Acceptances: 6
Pending: 5

So, right now I’m at a 12% acceptance rate. (Assuming the pending 5 are rejected.) Pretty good, I’d say!

Here’s to the next 50, may they not take 3.5 years to happen…


About dustinadams

I write the wrongs.
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