Various updates

I’m blogging, because I haven’t, which isn’t a good reason to, but I have updates. So that guy can read them. Thanks, Guy.

I had a press release!
Yup. That’s me. And if press release were on my bingo card, I would have put a check on that box.

I made finalist in WotF again!
Which is kind of like… a press release. :p

I sold a story!
Guy read it. He reads all my stories. Thanks, Guy.

I sold another story! I know, two in one year. That’s like, record and earth shattering. This story was my semi-finalist from last year. (I blogged about that!) Venue and link to follow. No, really. I’ll blog again. Promise.

I wrote a story with a friend. I know, a collaboration? Isn’t that dangerous? Not in my case, because @JenniferCHicks is awesome. And she has an awesome name. Jennifer Chicks. I mean, come on, how awesome is that? And she just scored a semi-finalist in WotF, so… More awesome.

My job is ok.

And I’m in for WotF 3rd quarter, and my story for Q4 is under heavy editing, so I *will* have a story two quarters in a row. That’s practically a record.


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2 Responses to Various updates

  1. Jennifer says:

    You’re having a great run! I hope it continues for at least, say, another quarter. *wink* Thanks for the shout-out, but you know the “C” is for Campbell, right? As in Campbell-Hicks. Just sayin’. I’m too feminist to call myself a chick, which means I should have thought about my Twitter handle more carefully, I suppose.

  2. dustinadams says:

    Yeah, I figured that’s what it stood for, but I surmised you’d probably be the only person to read my blog anyway. So it’s really just me telling you that you have a cool Twitter name. 🙂

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