Here’s my complete, published story list.
I shall gratefully update this as more editors/publishers like the way I string words together.

Story 1 – A Scream For the Dying
Originally published by Fiction365, has since folded, and reprinted here.
This story takes place on a planet whose members can die at any moment, with no notice other than a terrifying scream. One boy practices, because he wants to be ready for when his time comes.

Story 2 – The Statboard of John Peterson
Published by EDF.
This is a story of a man recently dead who is presented with the stats of his life, and is questioned on whether he’d had a positive or negative existence.

Story 3 – The Gift
Published by EDF.
This is the story of a gift, granted by aliens, that gives each person the full memories of every other person.

Story 4 – The Lives of Anderson Miles
Published by EDF.
This is the story of a man reincarnated on different planets, in different cultures, who just wants to come home to earth.

Story 5 – (Pro!) Curing Day
Published by DSF, after I accidentally sent it to them a second time (after extensive rewrites, thanks to a longer-than-the-story crit by Frank D).
This story is about a society frozen in time, and whose members have their memories reset each year, but one boy remembers.

Story 6 – One World
Published by Plasma Frequency, and inspiration for the cover art that month.
This story follows a man on a militaristic mission to conquer a planet, but when he fails to properly connect his translation software, makes a startling discovery.

Story 7 – (Un)limited Power
Forthcoming in ASIM
This story is about a man who made a pact with the devil for superpower bursts lasting only fifteen seconds. When his time is up, he must recruit others.

Story 8 – (Pro!) The Future Faire
Published by DSF
A deaf boy visits the future faire in hopes of finding a cure. When he does, he discovers he can’t take the “technology” home with him.

Story 9 – Final Message
Published by EDF.
This is the story of an immortal man who greets the only survivor from a broken Earth. He invites her to live forever on his planet-sized ship, but she’s not so sure.

Story 10 – The Preservation of Faith
Pending by Dimension6.
This is the story of two aliens on a dying ship who find a derelict and hope to harvest parts, only to find an immortal survivor on board – who requests of them to end his life.

Story 11 – (Pro!) A New Man In Time For Christmas
Pending by DSF
This story involves a woman who doesn’t like her new, robotic husband replacement. She can’t return him, so she wraps him up as a present to herself, hoping to start over.

Story 12 – The Conjurings of Jessica Wright
Published by EDF
Jessica Wright believes her grandmother has the ability to conjure objects from nothing, but when her grandfather appears, the truth of their mutual incarceration may at last come out.

Story 13 – Future: Hero
Pending by EDF
Summary to follow

Story 14 – Remembering Haley
Pending by EDF
Summary to follow

Regarding “The Gift” being the top story of the month at EDF

Press Release:
Because Joni is awesome.


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